ESWL neural model

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Patient Demographics

What is the patient's age? years
Gender? male female
Ethnicity? African American Caucasian Hispanic Asian

Stone chemical composition

Was the stone calcium? yes no
Cystine? yes no

Stone location

Was the stone located in the:
Parenchyma? yes no
Pelvis? yes no
Ureter? yes no
Calyx? yes no
Lower pole? yes no
Was the stone a staghorn? yes no
Were there bilateral stones? yes no

Laboratory assays

Did the patient have a 24 hour urine assay? yes no
Did the patient have hypercalciuria? yes no
Did the patient have hyperuricosuria? yes no
At the last follow-up, urine culture was: positive negative


Did the patient have residual fragments at 3 months? yes no
What was the volume (cross-sectional dimension) of fragments at 3 months? millimeters
What is the time since ESWL? years
What is the volume of fragments now? millimeters

Other procedures, retreatment

Did the patient undergo repeat ESWL or other procedures? yes no

Medical therapy

Was the patient treated with Allopurinol? yes no
Was the patient treated with Thiazides? yes no


Did the patient have a calyceal diverticulum? yes no
Did the patient have an indwelling urinary catheter (urethral, ureteral, nephrostomy, etc.)? yes no
Was the collecting system dilated? no moderately severely

Other stones

Did the patient have previous stone events? yes no
If so, how many previous stone events?
If so, were they treated? yes no